About Us

Welcome to Guided Tangier Tours website.

Our adventures are for travellers who want to have a good private time with their friends or families rather than spending a trip crammed with 45 other cheap thrill seekers. Ask Guided Tangier tours know that just because you want to see Morocco, doesn’t mean you want to toss through every touristy spot too within the short time you have available. We understand how you are different than the ordinary holidaymaker, and how exclusivity is important to you. You may want to see the places at your own pace, embrace different cultures, taste local cuisines or learn interesting stuff, while discovering secret spots along the way. And that’s why we run a team with local experts. Travelling with us mean:

  • You can book your trip for a small amount.
  • Not just see, but feel different cultures by becoming part of it.
  • Move around comfortably on any transport that your heart desires.
  • Share your experiences with friends or family for a lifetime of memories.
  • Get fresh meals, choose from a fine list of accommodation options and draw out your own private itinerary…

An experience life in Morocco

at Guided Tangier Tours, will arrange an authentic tour according to your individual interests and desires.

Of course, we can also take you to museums and tourist attractions as well. But our main goal is to offer you the opportunity to experience life in Morocco to take you behind the scenes, to introduce you to the real Morocco and not the facade put up for tourists.

Because every individual of our customers is treated individually and personally you can decide exactly what you want to do and see, where you want to go, and how long you want to do it for. With a team as diverse as ours, we speak local dialects and are well connected, and that makes it easy for us to plan and carry out our tours in a hassle-free way.

Welcome to Guided Tangier tours.