Excursion Chefchaouen – Blue City

      Want to discover Chefchaouen? let’s go with us , we are going to visit the big and small Socco: The big Socco (of the Spanish which means souk) is lodged at the entrance of the Medina. It is the most popular place in the city. As for the little Socco: there is a large mosque built in the 18th century on the ruins of an old Portuguese cathedral.

  We will Discover historical monuments such as the Great Mosque and the Kasbah and  the spectacular mountain of Rif  , Visit the Al Makhzen Market and the famous Ras El Ma spring  and Oued laou and Targha beach and the weekly market of the modena city (undi and thursday) . Finally , we will admire the colorful alleys of the medina and its authentic houses in blue and from the high mountains  a beautiful sunset over the city and the valley 

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