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Jewish Heritage Tangier is an expanding web portal to information concerning Jewish monuments and heritage sites all over Morocco.

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In fact,  evidences  of  Jews existence were found in Morocco and, during the middle ages, Jews were always active in the Moroccan history.

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History of Jews in Tangier-Morocco

Current Jewish community is small with approx 36 families.

Archeological discoveries of ceramic pieces decorated with menorahs date back to the Carthaginian era. This places Jews in Tangier, then called Tingis, immediately after the destruction of the First Temple.

The next significant historical event didn’t occur until the Jewish community received refugees from Spain who were fleeing the Visigoth persecutions during the 5th and 6th centuries CE. The Spanish immigrants brought culture, industry and commerce to their new land. Several Berber tribes were even converted to Judaism and the Jews lived in peace for the next several centuries.

Abraham Ibn Daoud describes in The Book of Tradition how the Tangier Jewish community was wiped out by the Almohades in 1148. Refugees from the Spanish expulsion revived the city for a brief period of time, but ultimately the community came under attack by the Inquisition, which outlawed their presence.

“Know Before Whom You Stand” – Tangier Synagogue

The next wave of Jews to settle in Tangier arrived in 1661, when the Portuguese ceded control to the British. The revival didn’t last long, however, since the English abandoned the town in 1684 and it began to suffer economically. Ultimately, all the Jews left. The cycle of death and rebirth began again in 1725. At that time only one Jewish merchant remained in the city, and he began to organize a new community. His efforts were helped by Moses Maman of Meknes, who was the treasurer of the sultan. Maman encouraged important Jewish merchants from Tetuan and Rabat to send representatives to Tangier, where they would be exempt from taxes. The strategy worked, and the Jewish community found new life, albeit, most in poverty.


9am . You will be welcomed at the port as you will arrive by Ship by your expert guide and be driven to start the exploration of the city of Tangier.

Tangier has always been referred to as the crossroads between Europe and Africa. Separated from mainland Europe by some 11 miles, Tangier is the gateway to Morocco. The history of Tangier is one of many occupations by foreign powers and at one stage was divided up

between the Americans, English, French and Spanish and this is reflected in the contrasting architecture within the city. Notable residents have included Paul Bowles, Barbara Hutton,

Gavin Maxwell (Ring of Bright Water fame) and Malcolm Forbes, to name but a few.

The old town is quite small and can be seen in half a day. The most visited parts of Tangier are,

the Kasbah, one of the city’s main attractions, the Medina, Berber Markets, the Souks for shopping, The Grand and Petit Socco, the old American legation, Mendoubia Gardens.

We usually visit cemetery, synagogue and  the Jewish Quarter Mellah(a walled Jewish quarter of a city in Morocco, analogous to the European ghetto), the Synagogue and cemetery however it is subject to confirmation as this tour falls on Shabbat.

Vegetarian Lunch at a typical restaurant in Tangier is included during the tour ( excluding drinks ).

Continue to Cap Spartel. Cap Spartel is frequently but incorrectly referred to as the northernmost point of Africa,  which is instead Ras ben Sakka, Tunisia. It is the most North Western point of mainland Africa. The cap rises to a height of 326 m. at the top of Jebel Quebir where there is a tower. There is another tower nearer to the end of the cap which serves as a lighthouse.

12-20 pax (more will be another minibus and another guide)

Including: Comfort Private A.C Minibus & Driver, Water on the bus and a Licensed English Speaking Guide.(other languages are welcome upon request).

jewish heritage tangier

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